2000-year-old Swastika symbol unearthed in Kichakbadh, Nepal

2017-05-19     RSS

The Department of Archeology has discovered a 2000-year-old Swastika symbol in course of recent excavation at Kichakbadh, a historic and religious place at Prithvinagar-5 in Jhapa district, on Thursday.

Archeologist Uddhav Acharya said that a 40-metre-long and 60 centimetres-wide wall, a six metre-long erect brick wall used for special purpose, and a security post were also found in course of excavation, carried out on April 25.

"Artifacts including arrow, stone plates and bowls, idol and utensils made from clay, remnants of an administrative building and a stable were found in course of excavation carried out at the site since 2058 BS," added Acharya.

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