What we do?

+5:45 Academy
Workshops and mentorship on learning based education, entrepreneurship, youth empowerment, leadership, film making, career, financial literacy.

+5:45 Tech
Innovation, IT services, Student Engagement in IT.

+5:45 Productions
Video production on social and youth issues like education, environment, entrepreneurship, gender equality, drugs, HIV/AIDS.

About Us

+5:45 Network is a professional network of young innovators, professionals, achievers, and leaders. The network consists of software engineers, entrepreneurs, engineers, future filmmakers, managers, and other professionals. The network comprises of several specialized teams, each providing professional services to modern companies and organizations. The network delineates its core vision of partnering with youth professionals and leaders to lead the society towards an intellectual and economic transformation.

+5:45 Network was founded as an expansion of +5:45 Production established in 29th September 2012.
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